Oh Huzzah!

The First
Originally uploaded by Ambrewskins.

It is a momentous occassion over here in fantasmoland because (drumroll please) we have left behind the photosensitve emulsion and moved on to big bad pixels. That's right folks, Amber got her camera! Woohoo! Thank you IRS and TurboTax for making this dream possible just in time for my birthday in a couple of weeks. And next Christmas for that matter, but what more can I really want or need anyhow.

So hop on over and see some more of what we have captured this weekend. Don't be shocked by the overwhelming theme of Ava, but she is such a willing and ready participant. Besides, she's just so darn cute. Enough said.

So Yeah!


Anonymous said…
More than darn cute-- worthy of another 1,000+ photos! Congrats on the camera-- isn't it GREAT?!


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