My Useless FU

A week ago, I was filled with so much contempt and bitterness. The money hungry whores CEO's of Cellular One owned by Dobson Communications decided that they needed to cut their costs by eliminating Rick and many others in his position's jobs. We have yet to hear if any of the higher ups have taken any pay cuts to their lush salaries, but I'm willing to bet that they haven't and that their golf tee times have gone completely unencumbered.

Okay, so maybe all of the bitterness hasn't subsided.

Aside from the obvious fact that we are losing more than half of our total income, the injustice of the whole situation has completely rubbed me the wrong way. Rick was a fantastic employee and they had even awarded him for it with a free trip to Florida and a healthy raise. And here we sit just having to take it because we are but a tiny blip of ill-content to their bottom line. Not to mention that our plans of having a wedding and buying a house have temporarily been put on hold unless Rick can find a job in the very near future. Thank goodness for tax returns! (and who thought that doing taxes would be a silver lining?)

And since there is absolutely nothing that we can do but suck it up and forge onward this will be the last you hear me whine about it. Instead, I want to ask all of you who have been following the Olympics as closely as us, does the analogy of "It's NASCAR on snow!" bother you as much as it does me everytime the NBC dolts try to explain what Snowboard Cross is? And they insist on saying it everytime the topic comes up. If anything, short track speed skating is the closest thing I have seen to cars going around in a circle with the occasional carnage. Man! I'm glad I got this off of my chest.

Oh, and that thing about Rick's job too. And because my contempt hasn't yet faded to a whimper, I must admit that I found this and this a little amusing despite feeling a little disappointed in myself for even googling the topic.


Anonymous said…
Oh Amber! God. I hated reading this post. I have lived this. 2 years ago November myhusband got laid off from the company where we both worked (where I still work) and it was HELL. HELL. HELL. I wanted to kill. It was just as you said-- idiot management fucked up the company and then CUT people to make their numbers. IT was cold, evil and horrible and the fact that I couldn't walk out to tell them fuck you-- but had to keep going in everyday cause we needed the paycheck was hell.

There is no undoing the horrible damage-- and it is deeply horrible emotional damage. This is the culture we live in. (If you haven't rented The Corporation dvd, I recommend it).

I am sending you and Rick love love love--- I know you will get through this to the other side. I want you to know I am thinking of you.

Anonymous said…
UGH! Bastards! I've lost a job and it is a hard thing to take. It fucks with your self esteem even though you know it has nothing to do with you. Perhaps you could start selling cupcakes? I hear BP is looking for a partner... :)

- daphne

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