“Good Morning, Sleepy head!”

I rub Ava’s fingers and the top of her head to gently rise her to the day. She groans and protests with her eyes closed that she doesn’t want to wake. I let her finish waking up as I open her shades, pull out the night light, and pick out her outfit for the day.

As I pulled her socks from the drawer a little voice piped up, “The pineapple is in my pocket. I put the copcorns in my pocket too.” (For whatever reason she likes to call acorns ‘copcorns’ even though she is perfectly capable of saying it properly). “Where are the copcorns, Mama?”

I stood there both smiling and perplexed because how exactly does one explain an abstract idea like dreaming to a two year old? And who wouldn’t like the idea of having a pineapple in their pocket?


Anonymous said…
Sigh.....what a sweetheart! Love Granny Jo
april said…
that is so very sweet! i love the image of a pocketpineapple.
Anonymous said…

so so sweet.

ozma said…
Apparently, I woke up in the morning the other day and started saying: We need to take Human Growth Hormone! We need to take it!!! For the baby!! I was very emphatic and annoyed my husband did not understand what I was talking about. I'm glad you undertood!

I keep wondering when my girl is going to start talking about her dreams.

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