Winter Bleck

Ugh!  Blog Wellfare Services are threatening to take Fantasmo away from me because I have been such a neglectful owner!  The past month at work has been deadline frenzy, so I suppose after staring at a computer screen allllll day, it isn't very good motivation for firing up the computer at home.

I have been slowly trying to catch up on my also neglected knitting and reading.  Last Thursday, my very own copy of The Artist’s Way showed up on my doorstep.  A very lovely Bluepoppy sent one my way, and now I’m in the midst of making a Thank You gift.  Can’t give any details though, just in case she does peek this way.  It was a lovely surprise the cheer up our grey and dull January that we seem to be having up here.  No fluffy white snow like normal; only dreary rain, rain and more rain.

A less than satisfying winter combined with a two-year-old coming into her terribleness and a boat load of cabin fever has made for a very grumpy household.  Ava has been acting like a moody teenager with raging hormones packed into a 25 lb. Body whose actions and wants are totally unpredictable.  Rick and I have to take turns being patient because the whole process of trying to keep her satisfied is a very exhausting process.  Ava turns three this summer and we are hoping that with the turn of winter to spring, so does this ugly cloud above our house called THE TERRIBLE TWOS.  But aside from her moments Ava is still an incredibly charming little girl.  Just ask her grandparents.  She is always and “angel” for them.  And she just keeps getting cuter.

I’d send along photos to prove it but I am still camera challenged.  Rick has been dropping drool inducing hints that I may be getting my long lusted for camera for my birthday.  He is very sweet when it comes to finding the right gift, but I think he’s just sick of listening to me whine.  Between Ava and me, I don’t think he can take two pouting females in his life.  So yes!  Maybe pictures to follow soon!

Well, I hope the January drudge is not leering at the rest of you, but thankfully February is just a day way.  I think some hearts and cupcakes will have to be arranged for.


Ambrewskins said…
Man! Where have my typing skills gone! I chalk it up to it being a Monday morning. Yeah, that's it!
Anonymous said…
Yipppeeee! It arrived-- I hope it brings you support and inspiration. Hang in there with Miss Ava-- it's her job to throw tantrums-- try not to take it personally. It will pass. Promise.


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