I've been seeing much of The Artist's Way lately, and it seems a little unsettling because I have totally felt void of creativity in the past few months... Okay year. Universe trying to tell me something?

I wanted to take a painting class at the college, but my procrastinating butt pretty much ruled that out until next fall. When I started to wonder what I could do to get my own juices flowing I decided to stroll through all of your lovely blogs and sites to suck up some inspiration, and it looks as though everyone has decided to kick off the new year with the above mentioned book. Now I'm wondering if this is a way to the bottom of my sludgy lack of motivation and creativity. Because while I work "creating" ads and such everyday it is not for myself or on my own terms. Please don't misunderstand, I looooove my job. I just think that us artsy people have a need beyond clients and their expectations. Don't even get me started and how ovals are overly abused daily by our clients. Or exclamation points. We designers go out of our way no to use them and in the last minutes of approval too often we hear, "Could you just put that in an oval? I'd really like an oval."

See, I told you not to get me started. Anyway, back to getting those flashes of inspriation. Until I get my own copy of that ever popular book (birthday present - hint, hint) I will continue my nightly doodling in front of the television. Not exactly highbrow is it, but space is somewhat limited in our house. The sofa is my studio for now.

And your reward for listening to my blah ramble? A sneek peek into my 4"X6" sketchbook. Nothing to break out the fireworks for, but a good idea has to start somewhere. Besides, I love seeing what the rest of you put out there and so I thought I should reciprocate just a little. Click on the image to see the other 2 or 3 pages.

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Anonymous said…
daphne said…
I like Bruno, although I am a bit scared of him. He looks like he could break my kneecaps if I missed a payment to the boss.

I hear ya on the ovals and exclamation points!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Amber! (I'm using parentheses to try and simulate an oval)!!

But seriously-- I love when someone says they love their job-- it's like hearing there's gold in them hills--- and? I will have an extra copy of AW cause I ordered one and then got impatient and just bought one in town instead. Email me your address (not a stalker, promise) and I'll ship it out to you. bpoppyATgmailDOTcom

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