Squish It Good

I think I now know why people decide to have children: It is purely for the toys.

You could say that Rick and I didn’t exactly plan for Ava, so we weren’t privy to the whole kids=awesometoys thing.  We’ve just kind of rolled with the progression of things, but as the Christmas weekend slowly wound down the good stuff made their way out of the boxes.  Fortunately for us, Ava got some cool toys.  I don’t know who was excited more about the Play-Doh Fun Factory, us or her.

Sure the Aquadoodle captured her attention for a little while, and the Legos are good for a tower or two.  Even her old favorite pastime of crayons can keep her occupied but only until she sees The Yellow Box.  So together we sit, popping open the little yellow cylinders of which a familiar sweet scent wafts out, and squish Play-Doh to our hearts’ content.

Hope you all got your own “play-doh” this season too!


Janet said…
This is precisely why my parents bought me a remote control car when I was a child. My dad never did want to part with that remote.:(
april said…
oooh toys, the joy of toys! and playdoh really takes the...putty.
(lovely site revamp too!)

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