More Candy Daddy

Halloween could have gone one of two ways last night. Four houses or
fourteen. This was Ava's first Halloween that she actively played a role in
and Rick and I were skeptical of how Ava was going to take being jammed into
a costume and then dragged around the neighborhood. With adoration that she
had for her orange pumpkin bucket I was rooting for the positive to win out.
Fortunately for us, it did.

Ava made her debut as Boo from Monsters Inc. It took me the weekend to sew
her little costume, but it was worth it because everyone recognized her
right away. This made her unbelievably cute and very candy worthy. After
two houses, Ava quickly figured out that saying, "Trick or Treat,"
mysteriously prompted people to put candy in her bucket for no apparent
reason...something that she was fully willing to take advantage of.

As we walked away from the third house, pumpkin gripped tightly in her hand,
Ava piped up, "More candy Daddy!" Who were we to not oblige, so down the
sidewalk we continued.


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