Shades of Ava: October Edition

Looking at my pitiful excuse of a blog, I have realized just how much my old job was paying me to be a professional web surfer. I have the boardshorts to prove it. Not for one second will I complain though because I think it’s great that I now have a great occupation that keeps me, well...occupied. Unfortunately, fantasmo has fallen to the wayside and Ava has grown that much more.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Lamb
Shortly after Ava joined our little family, I dredged the back of my memory to kick up all of the songs of my childhood. I sang them to her whenever we had a quiet moment, and she always wanted me to keep singing. Now, she has finally reached the age where she can belt out the tunes in her little chipmunk voice and she does so with much gusto. Every time we are un the grocery store check out line she serenades the other shoppers with her never ending version of Mary had a Little Lamb. Complete with complimentary hand gestures.

Huggles and Snuggles
If it weren’t for the fact that Ava is two, I would think that I have a bi-polar child. She’s defiant and tempestuous one moment only to flip the switch to World’s Sweetest Child. But like I said, she’s two. Apparently it comes as a package deal, sweet & sour. But for a awful as a 25 lb. walking attitude can be, I admit that I melt when she crawls up in to my lap to snuggle sweetly. She even says, “I love you Mama.” And for thirty seconds I suck it up like a vacuous black hole because that’s about how long little people sit still. Okay, it’s more like 15 seconds.

Puppy Paws
Kids are clumsy. They barrel across the room at full speed only to slam head first into the couch. Good thing they are rubbery too because a collision like that would have us adults whining, “ahh, my back,” for over a week. The rubber effect is also handy for hindering your mother’s progress in the morning. Just ask Ava. Don’t want to go to work today? Go limp and see how effectively you can put on a pair of pants. Don’t want to leave the house? See how long it takes to do your hair when your head flops side to side like a ragged stuffed doll. I think I might try this technique the next time I have to go to a production meeting. Think they could drag me into the conference room?

Despite Ava’s super human rubber powers, she continues to amaze us daily. I’m astounded by how well she speaks. And with those verbal skills she has already figured out that she likes to make us laugh. She’s not quite ready for Evening at the Improv, but man does this kid have some spunk...She wakes up with a laugh everyday. Really!

Thank god somebody’s a morning person in our house!


Anonymous said…
Hey-- do not berate yourself about blog time-- the blog is for YOU (and the rest of us who enjoy it)-- share what you can when you can and it is enough-- like right now-- those vignettes of your Ava at 2 are so lovely! ~bluepoppy

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