Fantasmo has fallen off of the face of the planet again. Sorry. Rick's brother and his now wife decided that Vegas was where they wanted to get married and so that is where we followed them. Fun? Yes very! Bizarre? Of Course! Hot? Yes, thank you!

And without further ado, here is proof of our debauchery. As for all of you photo critics, no I did not clean my scanbed off before scanning. You will see dust particles so live with it. Just more evidence that someone should buy me that camera!

For the record, I would like to second the notion that Northwest Airlines should change their name to Northworst. They are the worst and it is a tale that I will have to type next time. All of that scanning has worn me out, and to think that I still have another roll somewhere.


Anonymous said…
Northworst! Perfect! I'm totally using that. ~bluepoppy

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