We Now Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program...

to say that


Thank you to everyone who sent their positive vibes my way, it is much appreciated. I only wish that I could take a picture of my boss's face for you tomorrow when I explain that I am moving upward and onward. Based on previous reactions, I'm thinking that she is not going to be too thrilled. Yet another reason that I will not spend too much time looking back. Yeah!


Anonymous said…
WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The thunderstorm last night??? Yelling from our end of the 'hood. So very proud of you Amber!! Love Dad, Jo, Rachel & Kelly
Anonymous said…

Uncle Matt and I are so PROUD of you!!! When Linda told us the news last week while we were on vacation, we were elated! She was also in tears.

Congratulations.... you deserve this one!

Love, Aunt Bev
daphne said…
Yeah for you! That is such an awesome feeling. And you were worried. :)

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