I am not a prolific blogger. There, I said it. Now, I would like you to assume that I tackle my everyday life goals like I do with this here fantasmo. When it comes to the things that can wait just a little bit I let them. Take dusting my house, for example. It’s not disgusting…yet, and I should have done something about it a week ago. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll neglect it again. Unless of course Rick gives me his agitated “I’m So Flipping Anal” look that I feel guilty about procrastinating. I’m sure you are all asking why doesn’t he just do it? He would, but for as neat freakish as he is he just plain sucks at doing it well. I don’t mind though, and between our two conflicting personalities it all works out in the end.

Which is a very good thing if we want to make a go at that marriage thing. We have been formally engaged since Christmas and what have we done about it?

Thaaat’s right, absolutely nothing. Our conversations consist mostly of:

“So, we should probably get serious about thinking what we would like to do for a wedding.”

“Yep. We probably should”

And that is as far as we ever seem to get. Aside from just knowing what our personal preferences are we have not a single inkling of how we are going pull this one off. Because this morning at work was slow I decided to take the plunge and Google, “wedding dresses.” 32,000 images alone came up and pages upon pages of wedding links. After thirty minutes of looking at nothing but white satin, taffeta, lace, silk, ruffles, bustles and beads I could take no more. My so-called plunge took a very fast doggy paddle backward.

I suppose, what’s another day of putting non-existent plans off, right?


Anonymous said…
First, CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!! That is great GREAT news!

Second, let's have non-prolific bloggers club, d'accord? ~bluepoppy
april said…
i'm a prolific blogger, as you know, BUT, i'm also patient about hearing about those who're not necessarily - it's all good. congrats on all - eventual wedding, the job, etcetcetc...
daphne said…
My name is Stephanie and I am not a prolific duster. There, I've said it.
Anonymous said…
oh you are SO not a dork!!!


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