The Boat Finally Quit Rocking

Yesterday, I had an interview with probably one of the nicest design firms I have ever been in. Who can say that being thrust into a room of seven people staring you down ever feels welcoming, but this crowd did. Did it go well, you ask? Not bad, not bad at all and now I’m hoping that every other candidate that they interview fails miserably. Shame on me for the bad vibes, but hey I really want this one to work out. Okay, scratch that last thought. Instead, I hope that all of the other people do really well and they still pick me because I am that awesome. Phew – that’s better and far less negative!

Replace the queasy feeling of nervous anticipation of the interview with the anxiety of having to wait. And wait. And wait for the phone to ring.

Needless to say my week has been chock full of all things portfolio related and I haven’t had time to properly showcase Miss Ava Laine’s birthday. Ava is baby no more because she is now officially a two-year-old who has license to be stubborn and difficult. Photos will soon follow…I hope.


Janet said…
Good luck on the interview. BTW, is there supposed to be a picture with this post bc I'm getting a big section of white space when the page loads.:(
daphne said…
Let us know how the interview went!! please! I can't drive anywhere b/c of my meds so now I am living through other's blogs.

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