Wow. It’s been two weeks, but I suppose that I don’t need to tell you that. The summer weather came back to Michigan with a vengeance and we have been out soaking it up. Consequently, so have our shirts because MAN it’s been humid.

Enough with the weather forecast, I’m beginning to sound like my dad. While my life has been rather ordinary, the western winds have blown a surprise into my direction. The Friday before last, my bestest best friend showed up in town for the first time in two years. We’ve been buds since we were nine, so you can imagine my delight. There has been so much for us to catch up on, and boy did she ever have big news. Let me sum it up for you: 6 years unhappy – Divorce – Connected with an old (male) friend – Flight to Australia

Yes, my friends those same western winds blew again only this time they blew her straight to another continent. Her plane landed in Sydney this morning. While I’m a little irked that I got to spend so little time with her, I can’t exactly begrudge her a fantastic trip to Australia…with supposedly a fantastic man waiting there for her. Although her ticket is round-trip, we are already placing bets on when we get the phone call saying that she isn’t coming back quite yet. She is that smitten.

I hope Miss Amanda makes it home eventually because I am quite curious to meet the man behind the tractor beam. You treat her right, Mr. D!


Ainsley said…
Hey, your new title looks really nice! I am really trying to get creative, but not much happening so far.

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