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For a lack of anything exciting going on in fantasmoland, I thought that I would just throw a bunch of things out there and see where it takes me. First, we have the side projects. Now that school is over for the summer, my evenings are wide open for me to fiddle around with all of my ongoing projects. I started a quilt for Ava months before she was born and it was placed on the backburner for over a year and a half. A week ago, I blew the dust off of my sewing basket and took a peek inside. Mr. cloud was inside waiting saying, "Hey lady, where's the rest of my face?!"

cloud Posted by Hello

Hopefully Ava will still be young enough to enjoy the whimsy of the quilt before I finally stitch the last stitch. Okaaay, moving onward before I get overwhelmed...

Here is where I post the grainy convenience store mugshot photo of Ava because (and this will come as no shocker) I still haven't developed any film. Is my ploy for convincing family to buy me that Nikon working yet?

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Despite the lack of quality it is a cute picture of her and her pigtails, nevertheless. And because I don't like to disappoint here is both a picture of Rick and me for you to decide for yourself just who she takes after more. Me...

amber Posted by Hello

Or him...

rick Posted by Hello

Embarrassing, yet priceless. If we ever have a son, I have vowed to find an Easter suit just as precious as Rick's for the sole purpose of making a teenaged son blush in a mortifying moment as I pull out the old family photo album in front of his girlfriend. All good parents plan these things in advance, right? As for me, I'm in my birthday suit what more do you want?

And how did your class go, you ask? Very well thank-you! After the first 4.0 (without the extra credit points that I had racked up) in my Photoshop class I had set the bar pretty high for myself. You see, I had the same professor for Photoshop II and so of course the overacheiver in me just couldn't disappoint. The idea behind this final project was to take aim at a national ad campaign and to essentially shoot it down. I decided to strike out against Medicare funded Viagra, which is kind of funny now that it has been everywhere in the news. Good thing I'm not the only one who felt that perhaps our tax dollars could be better spent elsewhere. Anyhooo, before I go off on a tangent may I present:

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I think the custom painted Uncle Sam is what what earned me the brownie points.

Well everybody, I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. I know that we sure did. Thankfully the weathermen were WRONG every single day of it, hah! We even got out to play nine holes of golf in beautiful 70 degree sunshine and I didn't hack it near as bad as I normally do. Yeah!


Anonymous said…
Ah yes....the infamous embarassing photo... I just did that on my teenage son in front of his girlfriend! I pulled out the photo of Jud (when he was 2) in his speedo bathing suit, cowboy boots and cowboy hat with a cape on his back. It is quite priceless. And yes, his girlfriend still loves him!

Aunt Bev
Anonymous said…
god-- you PAINTED that uncle sam??! god you are good!

Ainsley said…
I'd say she's a good mix of both of you. My son has all the same colouring as my hubby so I've been pretty bummed the last 3 years thinking he doesn't look like me at all. However, now that he's getting a bit older, friends are starting to comment on his resemblance to me..but maybe they're just being nice (or tired of hearing me whine about it!).
april said…
that photo of ava is so darling it makes me ....squeak. what a punkin!

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