Trying to Appease the Sun Gods

Apparently, I spoke too soon about spring being here for good because we have had a snow filled weekend. I guess they don't call it The Great White North for nothing, because the snow gods just couldn't let us have our sunny warmth. They just had to come blowing their blustery heads one more time to keep us on our shorts befitted toes. Now our toes are numb again.

In an attempt to scare them off, here is a shot of Rick's golf swing from last summer. I'm not entirely sure he would approve of the world taking a look at him while he was in a slump last year, but...too bad. Analyze away, everybody! Until someone else besides me steps behind the camera, I can be sure that evidence of my hackdom is safe from display.

Rick's golf swing Posted by Hello


Ainsley said…
I came across your site while searching for others who shared my "being a mom" interest. I hope you don't mind a stranger leaving a comment, although I guess that's sort of the point of blogging.

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