Shades of Ava

Simple Equations
In my own little upside down brain, logic is clearly black and white, but entirely as I see it. Therefore, I concluded that stubborn gene from Parent A when mixed equally with stubborn gene of Parent B would cancel each other out. No wonder algebra was never one of my stronger subjects, because if A and B are of the same value all you get is twice as much of the same thing. I think we’ve pretty much insured that Ava will always march to beat of her own drum, especially if it has anything to do with wanting to go swing on the swingset.

Farmyard Fun
Last week, I was sitting cross-legged on our large living room chair with one foot kind of hanging over the edge. Ava was quietly cuddling with her blanket and reading books on the floor below me. Next thing I know, I feel my pinky toe being wiggled.

“Ooone piggy. Twooo piggy,” wiggle, wiggle.

Just like we would do to her little toes.

You Want Fries With That?
We have reached a new point in Ava’s life: The Ketchup Phase. Anytime anything can be dipped be it fries, hotdogs or carrots Ava insists on dipping it in the ketchup. This also means that her hands get dipped as well, making for a very orange and sticky-sweet Ava. When exactly do kids grow out of this?

Curiouser George
Rick and I have always encouraged Ava’s interest in books. We would sit and read to her from the time she was very small, but once she reached a certain age turning the pages was much more interesting. We were lucky if we could read two pages before she would then speed through the rest of the book, and then fling it over her shoulder already on the prowl for new material. Finally, finally, has she begun to understand that the pretty pictures actually have a story to go along with them, and now we can make it all the way through to the “The End.”

Now I’m pretty sure the speed reading will only be replaced by the marathon repeats of Curious George, because first Rick will read it to her. She slides off of his lap and then leaps into mine to hear my version.


april said…
i'm betting ava will be so stubborn she'll be a freaking whiz at algebra, calculus, and quantum physics.... ;)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the stories. Made me smile today! Jo
Janet said…
Perhaps it's a losing battle to stop the ketchup phase, but it might just be the time to start introducing silverware instead.:)
Anonymous said…
I love these snapshots of Ava! and btw, I still dip everything in ketchup though I try to keep it from dripping down my chin . . . ~bluepoppy
Ambrewskins said…
Janet- Ava has her own silverware that she has used for quite some time. Only now it gets tossed aside for dipping!

BP- You give me hope...I won't be wiping her chin forever!
jess said…
i can relate to the ketchup faze - only with ashton it's ketchup and ranch. everything gets dipped - even chocolate chip teddy grahams...yummy!

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