Popcorn Bellyache

I did absolutely nothing that I had planned for this past weekend, except for one thing; see the movie Sin City.

Now I don’t usually try to write movie reviews because I’m not near as adept at it as other people, but I figured just this once I could make an exception. Sin City isn’t the best movie that I have ever seen but it’s the best I’ve seen in awhile (excluding The Incredibles). If you like dark storylines and a visual feast, this is the flick for you. Although it’s completely shot in black and white you get over it just like the subtitles of a foreign film. I won’t ruin any of the plot by giving my own bad reinterpretation, so I guess you’ll just have to go see for yourself! And while you’re sitting there watching, I’ll be off doing those chores I put off for a whole weekend.


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