Jeepers, Peepers

Spring is finally here for good. How can I say this with such conviction you ask?

I stood on our porch last night, cooling off from my run when it dawned on me; frogs. I could hear the frogs and I could have sworn that they weren’t out the night before. Our house sits in the middle of the woods kind of up on a knoll. To the front and the back of the property is all swamp and just down the road is a small lake. It makes for a very froggy environment.

It was so nice to hear the high and low croaks and peeps as if in Dolby digital surround sound. With all of the cacophony, it made me realize just how silent the winters around our home are. Sure, one could always hear the chickadee chirps and the flit of their wings, but other than that the sound of winter is really just the absence of it. I took a deep breath in of the balmy evening air and decided to appreciate the frogs for just a moment longer.

Mweweweeeeewew Wwwwmmmm mmmweeee

A high pitched whine whirred past my ear and then back again.


First mosquito down of the season. With that I turned around to go into the house to enjoy the frogs from inside.


Anonymous said…
oh god isn't that the truth? bring on the Spring but keep the bugs . . but I could almost hear those peepers from your description . . . ahhhh

supine said…
I love this post! I agree, I could definitely imagine the frogs' noises from your description. And I too would have turned and gone into the house when you did. Springtime noises are great, but mosquitoes cancel all that out. :)

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