That’s exactly how I’ve felt for quite awhile now. Especially creatively. I feel like a great big muddy puddle in the bottom of a tire swing gone stinky after days and days of just sitting. I suppose that it doesn’t help that my job also consists of sitting all day either. Welcome to the adventure-packed world of banking. I mentally bang my head on the wall daily, but I just can’t leave because it pays all of our bills and allows me to keep going to school. -sigh-

I used to be a prolific doodler and sketcher. I used to know exactly where my paintbrushes were always stashed, and now I couldn’t even tell you where my prized colored pencils have run off to. I think they’re mad at me for ignoring them for so long and have hiked off to a more deserving artist. So in an attempt to pull my butt out of this slump, I am taking on (insert foreboding music here) the front bedroom.

The front bedroom is our spare room that also serves as part attic/basement, garage, and utility shed. In one word; packed would be what you call this room. Before Ava was born, we naively dreamed of turning this room into a studio office with a small spare bed. Hah! Now it serves as a mouse condominium, which is my strong reason number two for taking this giant spring cleaning leap. Let’s hope I can get this accomplished so that maybe my easel and I can get on friendly terms again. And maybe, just maybe it will help me find a way to get through my hellishly boring days.


Anonymous said…
oh that is a wonderful idea!! just take it easy and do it in stages and enjoy each stage of it and don't get overwhelmed . . there's a natural ebb and flow to creativity and if you have been in a dry spell for awhile all that means is the energies are gonna flow in a big way SOON! ~bluepoppy
I do understand about stagnant, it sees like I can not string anything together on any sort of creative note, plus I have not been home a lot, so when I do get a good idea, it usually fades to non-existence by the time I am able to write it down.

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Janet said…
I think everyone goes through a period of time where they feel less than creative. Sometimes it will even happen more than once. But the good news is that I am confident it will pass. Then again, who said you had to listen to me anyway?

And by the way, no, it didn't occur to me even "once" to drop you.:)

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