Dancing Queen

Phew! Who knew that a week could fly by so quickly? It feels like my weeks have been blurring past me at warp speed and nothing even remotely exciting has been happening. Just work, school and then home over and over again. With all this exciting stuff not happening I guess I have to leave you with this Ava anecdote.

Ava is turning out to be an avid music lover. I don’t know if it’s due to her father’s love of death metal, or to the nine months that she had to listen to me play in a handbell choir from the womb. Don’t laugh, can you say no to your grandma, especially when she is the choir director? Either way it doesn’t really matter because Ava loves to shake her tiny little booty, and as of late she will get down to the tunes of commercials.

One evening while we were eating our dinner in the living room, Ava was munching on a biscuit. One particular commercial came on that she likes. It was the one with someone singing, “Whoo hoo, whoo hoo hoo,” in a high pitch while pictures of people doing jackassian things are played. It has a catchy beat and Ava rose to her feet to shake her little butt. Apparently, she meant business because she stopped her wiggling, set her biscuit on the floor, and with each hand tossed her hair back. With the last flip of her bangs Ava then began to boogy down again. I looked to Rick and he looked at me, both of us with looks of utter disbelief…then we burst out laughing. Then a few evenings later, I caught Ava pole dancing from our kitchen table leg.

While I plan on continuing to support her love of music, I sometimes wonder if maybe one day we may have to keep an eye on this one!


Anonymous said…
I wish you could put a video cam on Eva-- but then again, documenting the pole dance might get you in hot water with the DSS . .I'm just saying. ~bluepoppy
Janet said…
You had me up until the pole dancing bit.

Keep your eye on it, indeed.:)

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