Straw vs. Spoon

Yesterday, at lunch Rick surprised me with a kiss and a chocolate shake. While I spooned in the chilly chocolate goodness I was reminded of another chocolate shake occurrence from when we first started dating.

It was a hot August day, and Rick had been promising me a trip to Don’s Drive-in for one of their infamous malt shakes. Tourists flock to this diner every year for the 1950’s carside service, and for the fries and shakes alone. In hopes of actually getting a seat we went for lunch instead of dinner. Inside of the tiny joint, everything is black and white checker with red booths and pink d├ęcor. It all at once smelled of ancient fry grease and delicious heart-stopping burgers. We sat down to our tiny table surrounded by crowded booths, and quickly decided what to order. My mind had been made up for the entire week before; a large chocolate shake and an order of fries. The fries of course were to dip into the shake. Don’t wrinkle your nose, it’s good! I can’t remember if Rick ordered anything or not, but I do recall that he did not order a shake like me.

The waitress soon brought my basket of piping hot fries and the huge shake filled glass along with the extra in the metal mixing glass. One definitely gets their money’s worth at Don’s. I shoved my straw into the shake and then proceeded to suck very very hard. I’m a glutton for punishment and I think in my own mind the shake tastes that much sweeter when you have to work for it. Besides, in an unairconditioned restaurant it wouldn’t take long to really reap the rewards.

Next to my glass sat an unused spoon.

Picking it up Rick boldly stated, “You know what these spoons are for?”

I just kind of shrugged.

“These are for greedy boyfriends,” he continued as he took a heaping spoonful from the top of my shake.

And as if in slow motion, he brought the spoon to his mouth, only the spoon never made it that far. The drippy mound of shake slid right off of the spoon and on to his white khaki shorts. A big brown splotch all the way down his shirt and down his shorts. I snickered very loudly and so did everyone else around us. They too had heard his proclamation about the spoon’s use.


Sarcomical said…
awww...poor guy.

i hope you never let him live that down. ;)
Ambrewskins said…
Oh, there's not much that I do let him live down!
Janet said…
This post has me longing for this place I went in college that had any flavor soda you could ever want. This of course, has nothing directly to do with what you wrote, but I figured I'd go ahead and share anyhow.:)

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