Pool Party '04

If you hopped on over from fantasmo you know why I'm torturing you with pictures that just exude hot july sunshine. This was just the luck of the draw, so too bad! You have to look at summery stuff in February! This batch is from last July, when we were hanging around the yard. I just love Ava's little blue suit and it's very likely that it was the last time that she would get to wear it. Her tiny legs and arms have been sprouting lately, and have been turning into long lean stems. Like a dandelion it really seems like she's popped up over night. Pop! I'm a toddler now! Pop!

I also threw in a few of my two sisters who I think have also gone Pop! over the past few years. They both are almost legal to drive and are maturing into nice young ladies more and more. Yes Rachel, Nice Young Ladies. I did just say that! And don't mind the crazy looking man. He's mostly harmless. The blond lady, she's the real brains behind the madness. Family. Gotta love 'em!

Swimmin' Posted by Hello

Yikes! But this is the dad/grandpa we know and love :) Posted by Hello


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