2 Down, 10 More to Go

Rolls of film that is. Once again I have fallen behind my one-hour photo duty and the rolls have ganged up against me. So off we went with two rolls in hand to see what surprises were awaiting us. However, later in the evening when I was scrounging through my very large box of older pics looking for something frame worthy, I stumbled upon yet five more undeveloped rolls. Who knows how old those could be, but I'm willing to wager that some of the pictures could be the documentation of my wild and single days. Back when I caused trouble. Lots and lots of trouble. shudder. Off to one-hour photo again we go!

Anyway, what this really brings me to is some of the gems we found from last summer. To those of you who are my kin you might want to click here to see some Ava Rufflebutt, and her notorious W family. For everyone else here is a little piece of warmth and sunshine in the bitter northern months.

ahhhh, summer. Posted by Hello


supine said…
Lovely photo, Amber!

One of my favorite things in life is gettng ancient rolls of film developed. Oh, the suspense! Especially if they turn out to be drunk-night-out photos and you have a good time poring over them with your friends, trying to reminisce over all the things that happened that night.
elisabeth said…
Hello! You commented! I was so pleased! And now I have discovered your blog as well, to return the favor.

Photo developing is a magical thing. I feel like a little kid whenever the prints come back. I recently sent 4 rolls into snapfish, and have no idea what's on 3 of them (the fourth is just a lot of big orange flags they put up in central park. silly people).

Now I just have to find a good place for black and whites...

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