Sweet Soul Soothing Sensations of Snow

Last Saturday, when it was really freakin’ cold outside, we decided to go riding. And when I say “riding” it really means skiing/snowboarding…at least that’s what the kids called it back when I was still cool. Three years ago. You get old fast in an industry ruled mainly by teenagers., but back to my real story.

The very first night that Rick and I met, he claimed that he used to ride pro for Burton snowboards. After having been a ski-instructor for a fair amount of time, I also knew that most people who claimed to be good in reality, couldn’t get down the bunny hill to save themselves. I scoffed at his self-proclaimed snowboarding grandeur, but his proof was going to have to wait until winter. Then came the news of Ava that frosty autumn. The proving was going to have to wait even longer.

I lent him my board, pants, hat, mittens too and even paid for his rental boots. I was ready to see what this aging “pro” had up his sleeve. I had teased him mercilessly up until we got off of the lift and strapped in. He flew down the hill and busted out a 180. Crap. Open mouth, insert foot. Later, he even put some of the young punks to shame in the half-pipe. I guess all of those pictures weren’t doctored after all.

All in all, it was a great day. My little sisters were out there ripping it up, and I didn’t do half bad at teaching my cousin her first turns. I only wish that I had had more of a chance to ski with my dad. I guess there’s always next time, maybe when the temperature has two digits. The day on my skis reminded me of a life I used to have, and how much fun it was. Now that the little munchkin is getting bigger I can’t wait to get her out there too, one day and make it a family affair. She’s destined for snow sport greatness. For now, it’s back to saving pennies for more lift passes.

This post was sponsored by the ever generous parents. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said…
You are most welcome! Dad, too, was bummed he didn't get to get out with you. The girls are getting much better and next time we will leave the little cousins home so you guys can get some skiing in together. Yes, I'm sure you caught "the next time", we will "sponsor" another Amber and Rick day at Crystal when it gets a little warmer! I, on the other hand, truly enjoyed my afternoon with Ava. She is a genius you know! We can't wait until she is out there on the slopes with us, I will probably still be hanging out in the Totem Park and her and I can burn up the bunny hills together!
Love, Jo and gang
Anonymous said…
hey amber!
its was VERY fun goin with u 2! we should go again soon! u noim getting better now i can turn and stuff...ive moved up 2 the blue hils!YAWHO!!hehe well see you soon!
Much Love from ur pro snowboarding sister!..hehe
Anonymous said…
Husbands who are good on the boards are HOT! umhmmmm. ~bluepoppy
Plop said…
I wish we had snow in Sydney.
But alas, it's hot and sunny outside, with no snow in sight. Ever.
supine said…
Well, I am in awe of anyone who can ski or snowboard. I am such a wuss! I am bunny hill, all the way! Glad you had such a fun trip.

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