Losing My Cool

As we all know, the very instant that a woman has a child they lose any ounce of cool that they may have ever had. Or at least, that is how we all seem perceive it. What says, “BAD ASS MAMA,” better than a mini-van full of groceries and kids? I rest my case.

Now, my dilemma. I always thought that I was cool, or could at least run with the fun crowd without breaking a social anxiety sweat. I like good music and I never got the snickering stares caused by fashion blunders. And for many years I was a certified ski-instructor: instant cool. And now, as a mom I will never be quite as hip as I once was, because I will always have a little person there to remind me, “God mom, stop embarrassing me!” Which I will gladly do every chance I get.

And so here is my question that I pose to you…

We all grow up, and as open minded as we think we are, we still have one thing that we do, say or wear that totally screams, “not from this decade, loser!” It’s inevitable, one day those three foot bangs and that rat-tail braid were going turn against you. So, just out of curiosity, what is something that you just can’t let go of, but maybe should because Kurt Cobain called from the other side and wants his favorite moth eaten sweater back?


Sloan said…
The A-Team thermos I keep at my desk, though most people seem to covet it. At least to my face. "Oh that poor retarded boy and his thermos. Give him some raisins, he likes raisins."
daphne said…
You have an A Team thermos? Sweet!

Lemme see, I've purged most of my 70s, 80s and 90s gear, or put it in the garage, 'cus it's coming back again, I tell ya. OK, I do have a large collection of Holly Hobby items. *cough* And when I talk to the college-aged students I mentor, and say things like, "her hair is just like Loni's on WKRP' they look at me like I've got two heads, say "whose Loni?" and "WKRP, huh?" Don't even try to explain life prior to cell phones to these young'uns.
april said…
indeed, sloan has an ateam thermos. now you know why i REALLY love him...do you know what that's worth on ebay?!
i have a drum, actually, it's kept at my mothers home, but it's a drum that has animal from the muppets on it. that was my gradeschoolcool - a drum - i mean, my mom let me have a drum, AND it was a muppet-drum.
highschoolcool...what am i saying, i wasn't cool in high school...but i do still wear my varsity rowing jacket, in a sad little attempt at cool...
Anonymous said…
*hanging head in shame* I still refer to cds as "albums" on occaison which is mortifying! But a habit hard to break.

And I have no tattoos but I'm hoping in another decade or so the "untouched" skin look will be back and I'll be in. *fingers crossed*


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