Fighting The Urge to Say, "Piss OFF!"

I work with people everyday. More often than not, people are cheery and generally good natured. But there are those few who can never seem to get over their bad day…perhaps life. They come in under their own thunder cloud and seem eager to share their misery with you. It feels as if they are hoping to win some small victory in making you feel worse than they do. I don’t like these kind of folks.

And then one day, I made up my mind to not cave into their landslide of poopiness. I would try my best to give them a smile instead of a grimace. Now, I ignore their snide and negative comments and always try to make a positive out of their negative. Nine out of ten times, my bright outlook just pings off of their woeful armor, but there are a few who I think I’m getting through to. Who knew that giving someone a second chance would actually make a difference?

Even if it is just a tiny one.


Anonymous said…
Ditto-rama. Sometimes it pisses me off so much to be warm and friendly and say hi to someone I am passing at work and they don't even respond! And I feel like a jerk and think I should do the same-- ignore them, be rude. But then I think no-- what losers that they are so stupid and small. I will always try to bring in good energy although in this place I feel like it takes so much energy to not let their toxicity gobble me whole. ~bluepoppy
I have been in that mood since September, maybe its a Michigan thing. Love your blog, hope its cool to link you on mine.

Manically Yours,
Anonymous said…
Agreed. Sometimes I am that poopyhead. Most of the time I try to be nice to people and smile, just because it confuses them. There's a great book I have called "How to make yourself miserable for the rest of the century". These permanent poopyheads should pick it up.
Anonymous said…
Oh - that last one was from stephanie :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, This is fittingly on my wall at my office: "You might find yourself put off by other peoples comments. More than likely, you will find the behavior of others is rude. You yourself may break from your normal good manners and start to lash out at the people around you as a result of pent energy that you have no positive outlet for. Be careful of exhibiting behavior that you yourself abhor in others." Love watching you grow up! Jo

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