New Tires, How I Love Thee

I think I can attribute my glee for four shiny new tires to the fact that I am a mechanic’s daughter. From the first moment I got my license, began the lifelong reminders to always check my oil, the tranny fluid, the antifreeze levels, and to always have my tires up to the correct pressure. My dad also, lovingly insisted that ,”None of my girls will ever be had by a no-good mechanic.” With that exclamation also came the lessons on how to change my own oil, and all of the little stuff that goes with it. Never let your brake fluid get too low because of course the brakes are a vital function to driving. And when the time came to change the brakes, I was aided through the process from beginning to end.

I have learned a great many things mechanical from my dad over the years, and I still call him to diagnose any problems that may arise. But with all of that useful knowledge also comes the paranoia. I can no longer blissfully drive my car in ignorance. Each new squeak, bump, rattle or ting always sets me off, and I can’t help but obsess that something is going to go wrong with my only form of transportation. Oh well, at least I’ll never be swindled. Besides, I have pretty new tires to get me through the winter…one less thing to worry about.


Anonymous said…
Oh you are blessed. Your daddy did you sooooo right. Mechanics can hoodwink me and have. Ugh. But four spanking new tires?? whoo that should give you some serious peace of mind. ~bluepoppy

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