Good Tidings to You

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Since all of our cards are sent and mostly received, I thought that I would send the rest of the great big world the same holiday cheer. And if you didn't get yours in the mail, hey I tried. Your address wasn't listed!

Eggnog, bulbs, boxes and bows,
Snowflakes, songs and a rosy red nose,
Are all just small parts of what Christmas time means,
So we're wishing you all of the best,
And everything else in between!


Anonymous said…
hey amber!
that was a great drawing, it sucks that we won't be home for christmas this year......but we will see you once we get home!Have a good one!hehe
much love from west side!
april said…
adorable graphic!
Anonymous said…
Love this card! It's even better getting it on line since I never go to the post office to get my snail mail .. lol ~bluepoppy

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