The Christmas Crunch

The bombardment of holiday commercials that I am already sick of, has brought me to reflect on this year’s upcoming Christmas. I have made a total 180 from my more than grinchy spirit last year. I look forward to Ava’s second Christmas because it will be loads and loads of paper and ribbon filled fun. Unless there is a new picture book beneath the wrapping, I can almost guarantee that she will be more intrigued by the crinkly bows.

And it’s with her simple happiness, that I wish that Christmas could be that simple for us big people. Why should gift giving be an obligation? I think the expectation of it sucks all of the fun right out of the act of giving. I would much rather someone give me one heartfelt gift with genuine thought behind it, than receiving lots of things that I may or may not use. That’s not to say that it is unappreciated, I’m just wondering where the soul of Christmas has been sucked up to. Money and greed, hand in hand with commercialism. No wonder so many people stress about the holidays.

So here is what I propose; everybody hold on tight to your family and friends because they’re the ones who will still be around when all of those gifts break, rip, shrink or just wear out.


Anonymous said…
WHEW! I can cross you guys off my list (and thank heavens I bought Ava a duck book!)

Love, Jo
Janet said…
I always marvel at the Folgers classic commercial with the little girl whose brother comes home from college. That little girl is probably about my age now. That's one hell of a royalty check though.

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