Wiggen' Out

Many of you may have wondered where I have fallen off of the earth to, but I assure it is nowhere exciting. I have been plugging away at designing a brochure and maintaining a full time job as well. But this is not what brings me to writing.

During the day, I work in the oh-so exciting world of banking. I see nothing but the black and white of numbers and the green of money. As the person at the front desk I also see lots of people, many of them characters. Which brings me to this week’s installment: Wig Man.

Have you ever seen someone where a wig in all seriousness? Not just a toupee, or a pink beehive on Halloween, or even a fashionable wig to help a cancer victim feel a little normal. We’re talking a wig worn by a tall older gentleman that looks painfully obvious. It has the sheen of plastic Barbie hair, and probably the worst cut ever. In fact, I don’t think you could even classify it as having any sort of stylish shape to it. My point is that it looked bad.
And here is where I ask you, could you keep a straight face? Huh, could you? I did…barely.


Anonymous said…
*blinks* wig? what wig? I'm so dazzled by all the green stuff!!!!!! *eyes spinning* Money y y yy y --- how could I possibly notice a wig? But I guess you were nice to not tease him by, you know, gesturing that his wig askew and so that he would adjust it which would cause him to pull it askew . . hahahahahahha evil me---

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