Illustration Friday: Cling

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This one is inspired by all of the shee-shee, foo-foo rich wives that walk into the bank on a near daily basis. They spend hundreds of dollars on upkeep, and spackle the make-up on with one sole purpose: Clinging to their youth. And boy, do they cling. I wish I could say that it works, but underneath all of that silicone and disdain I can still see their wrinkles and freckled leather. Skin! I mean skin!


Anonymous said…
hehehe. whenever my friend mentions this jumpsuit that she wants in bright red, I call her a-lo. Because of j-lo.

this reminded me of that. good job and I like the story behind it as well.

Satu said…
Hehee. Great illo! :)
Leslie said…
Great interpretation of the word! :)

Leslie, aka
Janet said…
Hey, what's going on with the enzyme issue? Did I inadvertently miss an update?
Lisa said…
Oh how funny. That is a great concept. Wonderful illo.

Lisa -
thesoulofhope said…
Great take on the theme! Love it!

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