Mexed Missages

I haven't exactly tip-toed into the political arena because there are many, many other smarter and more opinionated experts than me. However, I would like to ask everyone if you have noticed the newer Bush campaign commercials?

After the message there is a 2 second pause before the bit with Bush saying, "...and I approve this message." Immediately thereafter, a new commercial begins and it is usually a loud and tacky local furniture warehouse pushing their sale of the week with confetti and balloons. It appears that Bush has approved used car sales, carpet warehouse blow-out extravaganzas, and pills curing middle-aged man problems. Each time, it catches me off guard and I can't help but snicker.

In my opinion, the dramatic pause would have been better placed at the end of the commercial. But hey, what would I know?! *snicker*


april said…
i'm SO with you on that. i've noticed it to, and it just makes me feel all childlike-silly inside. tee hee.
Janet said…
Somebody caught on to that- was it Mad TV? SNL? I can't remember but it was funny. Sometimes though, people do such stupid things that they make the job of mocking them verrry easy.

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