Illustration Friday: "Smelly"

His Royal Stinkness

Now I know that most of you are wondering, "Amber, why have you posted a drawing of such a cute and fluffy dog for the smelly theme?" To which I reply, go smell the bottom of a restaurant's dumpster on a hot August afternoon. This is what our dear dog's breath smells like all of the time! I am amazed that such a belch of yuckiness wafts from his tiny mouth, and there is nothing that we can do about it...Trust me, we've tried!


Giao said…
I lurve your drawing! My folks have two very cute, very fluffy little poochies, and they both have the most rancid breath ever. i think it might be the shorter alimentary canal or something. =)

GnomeG (
Leslie said…
His Royal Stinkness is adorable! Love the eyes!

Leslie, aka
Rebecca said…
Hey! I keep trying to reply to you via e-mail and it keeps kicking it back! Weirdness

Cute picture :) I so wish I could draw. I can barely draw a circle let alone a whole doggy face!! Nice job :)


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