Illustration Friday: fiesta

Yeah, money! Posted by Hello

While I will be the first person to admit my personal weakness for chips and salsa, this week, "fiesta," has a whole other meaning for me. With a new job comes the joy of a Friday paycheck. So here is my more personal illustration of FIESTA! For those of you looking for a bunch of other great illustrators, head over here and see how it all started. I strongly urge you to do so!


Anonymous said…
Where to begin!? First of all, of course and belatedly-- CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!! Hope it continues to make you happy and feeling "fiesta-y". Second, love the candy corn banner . . . where do you find the time? And lastly, fellow squash lovers unite! Even though as a kid I didn't much care for it, my mom always insisted we just "take a taste" each year to grow our palette and lo and behold, today? one of my favorite things, natch. ~bluepoppy
paychecks are definitely a great reason for FIESTA! Congrats!

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