Honey Bubble Madness

I've always wondered what it would be like to be on the inside. I don't mean the inside of a cool crowd or even that exclusive night club, but the inside of those tiny air bubbles that slowly migrate up the inside of a honey bottle.

I would lie inside of my bubble, happy to float like you do in that world between wake and sleep. Your body feels like it is heavy sinking into itself, all the while being weightless. I imagine bubbledom to be much the same way. A warm golden world filtering the sharp outside noise, until it muffles into a low hum. Lazy floating in my honey bubble world where politics, bills, and nightly news can't penetrate past the plastic bear. Time would stand still, or at least slow down to a pace that snails would scoff at. Sweet, sticky honey bubble.

I think I need to go make a cup of hot chai now. With an extra dollup of honey!


Rebecca said…
What an entirely delightful mental image. I especially enjoy the "it can't get past the plastic bear" part. I enjoyed that a lot. I will definitely be thinking of honey bubble thoughts when I start to get blue - thank you for sharing them with the blogger world and wishing them to me when I need 'em :)


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