Fun With Graphite

Rick and I have been watching the debates closely and very seriously, but we're not the kind of folks to take ourselves too seriously. In fact, half in jest we decided to play Bush Bingo (courtesy of April) Friday night. Neither of us won a Bingo, but some fun was still to be had.

Every once in a while, Rick is struck with comedic genious and he has me rolling on the floor laughing. His Paul Hamm bit about going and making some candy brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Should you ever meet Rick, be sure to ask him about Paul Hamm. With pencil in hand and a photo of Bush, Rick has proven that somewhere in the Bush lineage there is a mysterious link to the Reynolds family. As in the infamous Burt Reynolds. Anyone else see the family resemblance?


daphne said…
Yes, I have noticed the family resemblence... he also reminds me of Roscoe P. Coltrane, but that's so obvious.

april said…
oh my, those debates. i was just hurtin' last night. bush was extraslimy, i thought. did you see those wretched facial expressions? ohmygod, he's so juvnile. aaaaaaaaaaaaack.
and yeah, bingo, it's hard to actually get a bingo, but fun all the same.

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