Pépé has got to go!

The other morning, we woke up to a foul green stench filling the house. Our house lies snugly in the woods, and it is pretty common for furry visitors to stop by. Squirrels hang out daily, and even the occasional deer will walk quietly by. The chipmunks always yell at Fergus from the safety of their tree stumps as he sniffs around the yard. Our wild neighbors and us live for the most part in harmony, making our open windows a nice peaceful aspect to our home. Until the skunk decided to stroll by.

In the grey hours, I was awakened by the rustling of arguing animals. I didn't think much of it because the squirrels have their own WWF smackdown nearly everyday, so I rolled over pulling the comforter with me. A few hours later the alarm clock beep beep, beep beeped and Rick and I both groaned as we were welcomed to a new day of STINK. The entire house of open windows had filled while we slept, full of skunk funk.

For the rest of the day, all I could smell was that horrible burning stink. It was so potent that it must have singed itself on to my nose hairs. I was constantly blaming Ava's diaper as being a fellow culprit, but no...it was still the skunk. Apparently, it had seeped into our walls' paint as well.

Let's just hope that it doesn't last, and that Mr. Stinky has found a home far, far, FAR away from our neck of the woods.


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