Fuzzy Wittle Noggins

In northern Michigan we are mourning the loss of a non-existant summer as we sigh in resignation while the cool weather blows in. September has arrived and so has the weekly onslaught of cold fronts. I never even got to go really swimming, at least not past my knees daring to dip Ava's baby piggies in too. I guess I have to go find my, "wishing you were here" cards to send to the sun.

But the cooler days and nights are not a total loss. It has afforded me to indulge my recent obsession: crocheting the coolest little hats for Ava. She will be by far the most stylin' kid out there this winter. While I am under the impression that she couldn't be cuter with her array of hats, I'm sure she will be of a different school of thought when she is fifteen.

"My god mom! How could you make me look like such a dork!" quotes Ava, as she sticks the photo album in my face, cheeks flushed with embarassment and shamed at having such an uncool mother.

I am entirely okay with that, because who could resist such a cute, fuzzy noggin?! Anyway, Rick and I like to call them Hippo Hats because if you hold them up to your face hole first you look like a...well... You got it. With the upcoming fall season and bright burning trees, so will the future blackmail pictures of these many, many hats!


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