Flamingos, Schlamingos

The weekend before last was, as we all know, the illustrious BIG Tour. Three whole days of cavorting, spitting, drinking, and just a little bit of golf. A chance for the boys to boys, and the girls to be gone. While I was terribly broken up about not being invited, (because where else could I wear my light blue plaid golf pants?), Linda and I decided to make the best of it and have a weekend of our own. We took Ava to the Detroit Zoo!

I hadn't been to the zoo since I was probably six and even then my only memories were of me being drilled, "What's seven plus five?!" I would then have to promptly answer, "TWELVE!" Apparently, that was a sticky sum for me on those first grade math quizzes. Consequently, I was going to see those animals this time around, damn it!

All in all, it was a very fun trip. Ava was such a well behaved little girl, and she was even dubbed the "cutest baby I've ever seen" by a complete stranger. Our only hitch was me forgetting to bring extra film. I should have paid better attention because all of the rolls that I brought with me were already used. DOH! In an attempt to save my screwup, I tried to buy a roll at the zoo. They only sold disposable cameras for a blowout price of $14.99. DOH! again.

So with no further adieu, (drum rolling) Disposable Camera Pictures of the Zoo!

*thank goodness for the editing capabilities of Photoshop!


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