I know that as Ava grows she will hear these words at least twice a year: "Do you know what you want for your birthday/Christmas?" I was always the worst when put on the spot as a little kid, and I would always be struck dumb when placed under such pressure. Come up with a response now, kid! It never really was like that, but I was a kid who clearly lived in her own little world. Nowadays, wishlists are not such a challenge...just the cashflow to make it come to fruition! If only I had known as a kid.

To save Ava the pain of being put under the hot, shiny spotlight (though she hardly shys away from any attention) I have compiled a general list of things she likes or doesn't have. Anything musical, books, toys that "do" things, and of course the dreaded boring clothes. Sorry Ava, but since you're too young to understand yet, mom needs to keep that cute butt of yours dressed...and you won't quit growing!


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