Wind in my hair...

And nothing but miles of highway in front of me!

Making Ava's birthday wishlist made me ponder just how sweet it would be to have the new BMW Z4 convertable roadster. I never really paid much attention to BMW's until watching CBS Sunday Morning last year, where they showcased the new design and its designer. Thank you Chris Bangle. I don't care what all of those naysayers think. Your designs rock and are a welcome relief to all of those bubbles on wheels called, "cars."

I must say, at that moment I fell in love with those sleek sharp curves, and from then on no other dream car would do. With the liquidity of a cheetah, and the sharpness of a shark, nothing but fast comes to mind when gazing lovingly upon this car. Please note the word "dream" when used in my description. I guess this makes item no. 2 on my drool list of, "Yeah right! As if you will ever have that kind of cash!" wishlist. -sigh-

Okay, one of my more financially secure family members: buy this car so I can take a drive in it!


Aaron said…
Pass on the car..get the camera

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