Tahoe Misbehavin'

In my quest to develope all of my miscelaneous rolls of film, the following pictures evolved. This batch was from a forgotten roll of a trip to Tahoe in the fall of 2000. Now, to make sure I confuse everybody the three hot chicks are myself, Mandy and Mandi.

Yes. Two Mandies.

The one with the "y" I've known since I was 9, and is my best buddy. The one with the "i" I've known since I was 19, but has in no way impaired our ability to cause a raucous. Ask me sometime about our, "King-sized fries from Wendover, Nevada" story from this very roadtrip.

But back to the pictures. On a particularily beautiful mountain day, the three of us rode up a mountain to a local mountain lake, and took all of these mountainy pictures. My mountain bike had to live up to it's real function, and I think it got altitude sickness. It was used to the namby pamby trails of Northern Michigan that maybe reach over 500 ft. above sea level. It was fun nevertheless, and I can still smell the mountain air when the winds are blowing in from the west just right.

It brings back fun memories for me, and I'm sure it will for Mand(insert y or i here) as well. So here's a shout to my girls on the West Coast. Love You!


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