Oh, Beloved Fergus

I drew this caricature of Fergus a couple of years ago, but to this day remains one of my favorite pictures of him. In some momentary stroke of genius, I captured my little pooche's personality on paper to a T.

As of late, Fergus has been pushed out of the reigning spotlight, and Ava has taken center stage. So, I feel the little guy deserves a mention. He gets so easily picked on, and lately everyone seems to want a piece of his food bowl; first Ava and now ruthless mice. They sneak around in the wee hours of the night, to hoard away his Iams. Sneaky little rat bastards! What has he ever done to you?! Don't worry Fergus, we'll get them for you.

I can't forget to mention his brave and maybe not so valiant efforts at chasing squirrels. He has at most an extra pound on them, and yet he chases after them as if he is King of the Forest. Yesterday afternoon he caught one lazy squirrel off guard, and came within inches of nipping some furry butt. Fergus, for some unknown reason paused giving the squirrel a headstart which leaves me to believe that he just likes the chase. There must be some greyhound blood in there waaaaay down the family lineage.

Ahhh, Fergus. We love you...even if you do leave one piece of food in the middle of the floor for Rick to step on.


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