The Littlest Bird...

Recently, I stumbled on to a very cool folk/bluegrass band called The Be Good Tanyas, comprised of three talented chicks. I listened to their song The Littlest Bird, and have decided to make it my new life anthem just because it makes me smile.

Aside from the warm fuzzy it gives me, I think the whole idea of it's title appeals to me: The littlest bird sings the prettiest song. I know that this is not a new saying, but that's beside the point. In recent days, I have felt a little lost in this world. Kind of small and overwhelmed by how big life can be, and how protecting my own little one makes the world just that much bigger. I feel like that tiny bird caught in a big storm applies as a metaphor for so many aspects of my life, and yet this song gives me some hope. I just need to pull up my boot straps, pick up my hammer and chisel, and carve out my own future. Lots of work, but hopefully lots of rewards.

I will find my own little niche in this world, and when I do you can bet I will sing my own prettiest song.


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