Grey Skies, Grey Tempers

I think the grey clouds that have rolled into town again, has caused little Miss Ava to wake up on the wrong side of the crib. Our ever happy baby sometimes has a crash and burn, and just can't keep up her charming mood. Today, is one of those days.

Nothing I can do or say makes this kid happy on days such as this one, not even dancing and spinning around with her in the kitchen. Not tossing her into the air causing her hair to fly up all over the place. Not even a clean diaper. Fruit for breakfast is almost always a winner, but not this morning. Until, it's time to clean her up. After wiping the nectarine pulp off of her chubby pink cheeks and fingers, I set her on the floor while I clean the mash off of her highchair. The only thing that she didn't eat were her cheerios, which were now all over her tray and floor. The funny thing about cheerios is that they always seem to multiply into the hundreds whenever they are spilled out of their bowl.

So now here, is my tempestuous baby sitting and HAPPILY eating her cheerios on the kitchen floor.


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