A year in review

As the countdown to Ava's first birthday begins, it has caused me to reflect back on this oh-so-wonderful and yet too quickly past year. It seems like yesterday, I was laying exhausted in a stiff hospital bed with a tiny little girl laying next to me in that clear plastic basinette. I knew nothing of being a mother on my own and yet it all seemed so natural. I just knew what to do. There is nothing finer than seeing a man soften to the point of tears at the first sight of his baby girl being born. He didn't know what is was to be a dad either, but after she entered the room; he just knew what to do. Funny how a tiny little being can bring the best out of us.

Which brings us to one year later. The fuzzy glowing moments of parenthood are interuppted more and more by, "NO, don't touch that!" and, "Did you pick up the dog food bowls?" but it's the little things that still get us. Such as when Ava sleeps, she rolls herself into the tiniest ball and sticks her baby butt into the air. She inspires such an awe in us when she just suddenly finds that she can say a new word. She is just too cool.

So here it is folks, a few pictures from the twelve months past for your own reflection.


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