More baby Firsts

The following photos were from May and June.  Unfortunately, because I am at moments a retard, they are all backwards in order.  Oh well, you'll figure it out. 

The oh so lovely shade of orange is sweet potatoes, and it was Ava's first attempt at feeding herself like a big girl.  Since then she has lost all interest in spoons and takes to dipping her fingers into everything.  Apparently, silverware is just not as fun.  Besides, how could she feed Fergus as effectively from a spoon?  "Jeez, you stupid parent people when will you ever learn!"

All of the beach pictures were taken last month.  It was her first time sitting on, let alone touching sand.  It took her a good twenty minutes to want to let her feet touch the beach.  Our summer hasn't been very hot, so there was no bathing suit modeling that day.  (Ruffles are all the rage now).  Don't worry, ruffle butt pictures are coming soon.  There are quite a few cute ones.  Enjoy!


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