Minivans are overrated

This past week has brought us nothing but headaches where transportation is concerned.  After the failure of one alternator, two days later brought the failure of our second alternator.  First the A/C starts to wail at you, and the radio fades away.  Slowly, it gets quieter so that by the time you notice that it is gone you are closer to being in a position of "screwed."  Next, the dashboard warning lights begin flashing at you, "Wake up stupid, something's wrong."  And 15 seconds later the van dies.  I thought warning lights were meant to give more of a warning. 
Poor Rick, is still tending his battle wounds from the first round of alternator war.  His finger is five shades of purple and his shoulder has a scabbed hole on it.  Let's just say, that that evening did not go so well.  He's the one who I think should get the most pity in the stupid situation.  Oh well.  He's not the one faced with two days of campy soap operas, and desperate longing for afternoons spent on beahces.
As a result, I am stuck in this sweltering house on a two beautiful days until the van gets fixed.  Again.


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