Lazy summer evenings...

Seem to prompt us to take pictures in the Wendels/Harker household.  Normally, I am one of those impatient photographers who need to develop their pictures the same day, BUT motherhood seems to have done that in.  This weekend, Rick and I underwent the task of blowing the dust off of many eager rolls and hustled them into the one hour photo joint.  Many surprises followed.  We seem to have a gazillion photos of Ava when she was born, and now a bunch from the last month or so...with a giant chasm of picture taking delinquincy in between.  Well, now the gap can be filled from our "roll"-out, but I won't post the flashbacks tonight.

Which brings us to our most recent installment.  Believe it or not, these pictures were taken only a couple of weeks ago.  On one of the only steaming hot summer nights that we've had, do we get a couple of "dad-time fun" photos. 


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