The ants go marching...

2 by 2 by 4 by 83.  Since January, our house has been under a full-out "ant"al assault.  Now, if we lived in Texas I probably wouldn't think much of this constant flow across our counters, but we live in the Great White North.  Things like ants should have been feet below the earth's surface waiting the winter out.  Not at our house.

Tiny black ants have been mingling in our kitchen like a giant singles bar, walking around checking the place out.  At first, it started with the dorky ant who showed up waaay to early for the party.  He hung out mostly by himself for the first month or so.  Finally, he must of given up and gone back to the clan to invite the rest of his buddies because it has been nothing but a constant tiny black string of moving bodies ever since. 

We've tried everything to crash their party.  Cinnamon and self-rising flour; both supposed natural remedies.  Next the small black ant hotels, where they can check out but never leave.  A multitude of sprays, and nights of swirling, wriggling ant bodies being washed down the sink.  And yet they still come.

At long last, we gave up and called the exterminator.  For a whole week not a single ant stepped foot into our house.  A whole seven days...until they showed up.  Even smaller, tinier black ants. 

Great.  We've mutated them and they're back for revenge.


Anonymous said…
you are just too funny! you make me laugh!

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